Rules of Decorum

  1. The Church shall have a Pastor who will moderate Church meetings. It will be the duty of the Pastor to preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the Holy Spirit leads him. Furthermore the Pastor will provide pastoral oversight of the Church as directed in the Scripture.
  2. The Church shall chose from its body, brethren for ordination to the office of Deacon. It will be the duty of the Deacons to see to the welfare of the Church members and to supervise all Church business. It is the duty of the Church to willingly assist and support the Deacons in their duties.
  3. The Church shall chose a Clerk who will keep all Church records including minutes of the Conference Meeting.
  4. The Deacons of the Church shall attend to financial matters and shall provide the Church with a financial statement which shall be read at the Conference Meeting.
  5. It shall be the duty of all members to attend their Church meetings, unless providentially hindered. When a person fails to attend several meetings, they shall be contacted to learn the reason for their absence and to help them if possible. Should they continue to absence themselves, and Biblical labor has been administered, then the issue of the absence will be brought before the Church as a matter of discipline.
  6. Any member departing from Christian conduct and failing to repent will be brought before the Church for disciplining only after Biblical labor has been administered. It must be recognized that our flesh is weak, that we are subject to error, and it is the duty of each of us to encourage, assist, and admonish each other for the purpose of preventing and correcting error, that we may be fit representatives of Christ’s Church.
  7. The Church may receive members by baptism, by letters from sister Churches, and by confession of faith when it is not possible to obtain a letter for a faithful member who was previously baptized by an Elder of our faith and practice.
  8. The Church will meet together in conference as needed to conduct the affairs of the Church.
  9. The Pastor will moderate the Conference Meeting.

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